Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting for the Rain

And though I'm poor and needy,
I will wait.
Through the fire and the flood,
I will wait.
In the midst of tears and pain,
I will wait.
Until I see Your face,
I will wait.
Until Your hand touches mine,
I will wait.
Until your Spirit falls anew,
here I will wait.

I will wait in the river.
Wait for the rain.

For here I have waited
time and time again
Here for you I've waited
and you have not failed me yet.

Here in this river I have waited
On my knees, crying out
and you were not slow to hear.
You, my Lord, came to my rescue.

So though I'm poor and needy,
And when my heart is aching,
I will wait.

Though I'm parched and tired,
Though what I hear is faint,
I'll hold on for You.
Here in the river I will wait.

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