Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Day Off

I've come to the conclusion that a day in which both husband and wife are free from work-related duties on the same given day (in other words, off) is a wonderful thing for a marriage.

Between three jobs the both of us hold, this phenomenon doesn't happen often for my dear husband and I, but when it does, it is extremely refreshing. Not only do I feel relieved from baby duties, meaning dearly beloved can help put Elisha down for a nap, etc, but it is wonderful to be with each other for 24 straight hours! (Given, 9 or so of those may be spent sleeping, a most highly revered activity itself).

Today Elisha turned 9 months old and Tim and I both had off work. We did a tae-bo workout together this morning (I'm really coming to love the workouts he's treasured for about a year now) and after lunch, took Eli in for a photo shoot at Tim's photo studio. Here are some thumbs (sorry, I can't show them any bigger due to copyrights).

We had a lot of fun.

For Valentine's Day, Tim & I started something fun we hope to continue for a good while, and I plan to blog about the things we do. I read the idea online. We created a "Fun Jar", listing on slips of paper fun things we've always said we'd do or have wanted to do. We will pull one each month around our anniversary day (the 21st) and promise to do it within a week or so. I am excited! We have some fun things to do together. [spoiler alert: eat a whole half gallon of ice cream together! oh boy! if you know the two of us, you know this is no small feat. we are heath-conscious to the max, and so it will take some careful planning of meals/calories on that day, haha! but nonetheless, that will be a great one.]

Here are some pictures from the blizzard of 2010, the 2nd storm in a week to slam us in February.

We had SOOO much snow!

Looking ahead to a busy weekend full of good things [unfortunately, not all of them include my husband]. But I am so thankful for his hardworking provision for us. Here's to showing it more often. :)

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