Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life is fragile.

This morning I saw one of my childhood friends for the first time in years. I saw her shell lying peacefully to rest. Her spirit has gone to be with the One who sent her here to bless the lives of many.

Life is fragile. We are here for but a blink of an eye and then we are gone. What we do in our time on earth is up to us~ and God has given us the responsibility of living wholly, purely, justly, lovingly, and doing what we can to bless and love those he puts in our lives.

Cheree was 22 years old and married just short of a year. She was killed in a car crash Tuesday evening. I haven't talked to her in probably five years, but we were friends as children at church, and grasping her death is still a big feat. I wonder if she knew her life would be short. God did, and I'm sure that's why he gave her such a sweet and compassionate disposition, a loving and caring spirit- in order to bless the lives of others.

I trust in God's goodness.


Elisha isn't gaining weight as he should be. We're working with a lactation consultant to figure out how to increase my milk supply. I'm concerned about him; he's two pounds underweight and only in the 25th percentile. Apparently there are a bunch of herbs said to help stimulate milk production as well. I'd never heard of Fenugreek until now! I will try anything at this point, even supplementing with formula, if it will help Elisha gain. It sure takes a lot of time to make sure I'm feeding him frequently and/or pumping milk.

Now to spend some us-time with my hubby since Eli's gone to bed :).

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