Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love, exercise and chai

Things that make me happy:

"You guys arrre... done!"
-Angie, instructor of our 45-minute high-intensity water class

The Love Dare

Watching Elisha react to our smiles and voices

Eating with a spoon with a fat, square handle

Iced Chai Tea Lattes (even better, not spending money for one!)

Kisses from my hubby



I'm part of a water class on Monday nights instructed by one of the ladies in our house church. She is an excellent instructor and works us hard, but it feels so good to work out, especially in the water. It's been nine long months + now of just gaining weight and making baby, haha, and I am so ready to get back into shape. There is such a great group of ladies that come, too.

So afterwards last night I was invited to Prince St. Cafe with some of the ladies, but seeing as to how I had to make a diaper stop and waited in line for nearly a year and a half :), I just ended up heading home. I have been craving chai lately, though, and so looked up this recipe for a Chai Tea Latte. I'm sure it can be made cold with the addition of ice.

Tim and I are going through The Love Dare and really learning a lot. I believe the Lord has appointed it for this time for a reason, before Tim starts classes here in a few weeks and after we've just come through the first three months with Eli and figuring out what this baby thing's like :) and actually getting sleep again! It's so inspiring and a wonderful feeling to be challenged to find ways of blessing and loving your spouse, and also challenged to look at your own actions, personality and temperament and see where there is room for improvement. I would recommend it for any couple willing to take the dare. The link in the first part of my post is to a youtube video about the book.

Buy it on Amazon here

Looking forward to today.

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sweet simplicity said...

Hi Adraine!

Thanks for stopping by my site! Congrats on your new addition to the family!! :) He's adorabe.

I just wanted to tell you that one of the sites I listed on the weblinks post I did has a bunch of natural suggestions for increasing milk supply (I remember filing it away in my memory in case I need it when our Caleb arrives). It was the passionate homemaking link. I'd research them before I used any just to be safe, but thought it might be helpful if you're still looking.

I see you're from Lancaster?! I LOVE Lancaster..my hubby and I go there for weekend getaways now and then..I used to go to school not too far away (Eastern University). :) Blessings!