Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day by every day

Happy 2010!

In the past year:

-We moved (Dec. '08) and began to transition to life in a new city (Lancaster).
-I started a new job as secretary at Mission New Life Drug & Alcohol Counsel and began to use my Spanish again :).
-Our first baby was born, Elisha Aaron, on May 18.
-I turned 21 and left juvenility behind.
-We took trips to Washington, D.C., Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts.
-We've delighted in watching Elisha grow and learn every day!
-We started a new house church for the northeast end of the city with four other wonderful couples and truly feel like a family and community!
-Tim got a new job at the Picture People and discovered his inner photographer.
-After completing a semester at community college, Tim decided personal training is his passion and plans to pursue certification this spring!
-Elisha has gone from sleeping the majority of the day and not being able to do anything for himself to sitting up, trying to crawl, interacting with us and showcasing his personality, babbling, and getting into everything around him!
-We've spent a lot of quality time with family (mostly Tim's) and enjoyed watching them enjoy Elisha.

As I look back on this year and how fast each day goes by, I can't help but think about the importance of each day. It may seem the days go by in a blur, but each one matters to the Lord. Every day, it matters to Him what we do, even when our daily happenings may seem trivial. I pray that this year I will work harder at making every moment count. Here is to another year in God's love and grace.


mrs schneider said...

loving this short snippet of your family's life! i hope and pray that 2010 is equally as sweet and rewarding. is another baby in the works yet? (:

mama_mums said...

haha. no julie. give it some time. :) what about YOU, anyways Mrs.???