Saturday, October 17, 2009

Till We're 99 1/2

Today was a breath of fresh air.

As fourth-graders, we were amazed to find our dads were owners of the same sort of business and we both had pet dogs named Maggie. As sixth-graders, we shared notes and giggles through every class and gave our "crushes" code names of sodas. As eighth-graders, we dealt with some deeper issues like disagreements and misunderstandings, came through it stronger, and promised to call each other up when we were 99 1/2 years old. Throughout high school we played tennis together, learned French together, studied at each others' houses, laughed through field trips, and no matter what, were just ourselves together. In twelfth grade, we looked reality in the face as it took the shape of a child and adoption- and what this meant for life. We looked back on memories made and hugged each other jubilantly at graduation. We did it! Best friends through school and an unspoken bond promising friendship for the future.

As 21-year-olds, we share a cup of coffee and talk about life- one as a mom and wife, the other as a college senior contemplating life careers. She is still so dear to me. A few hours with her makes me feel safe and secure, just because our friendship is.

This is my Leah K. Till we're 99 1/2.

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